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We know it is likely to be a stressful time at the moment. So here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you have another questions we have not answered then please get in touch with us directly here.

Who can use

Anyone who is worried about their memory, concentration, attention and thinking skills - and wants to know how to cope. Some people have suffered a brain injury and want to know their strengths and weaknesses.


Some are living with conditions such as dementia, epilepsy or MS and track changes in their abilities over time. Others know they are at higher risk of a degenerative condition and want to secure a baseline assessment so that treatment can be quicker and better personalised, should it be needed.

How does work?

As soon as you book an assessment you will be redirected to a personalised questionnaire. A highly qualified Consultant Neuropsychologist will then review your answers and set up an online cognitive assessment specifically tailored to you - that means there could be a delay in receiving a link to access the tests. The assessment will involve a series of tests which you will complete using your computer at home.


Once you have completed your assessment our experts will review your results and compile a report, alongside your results, complete with suggested next steps.

What do I need to use

A desktop or laptop computer with a working internet connection - and somewhere quiet to take the tests. The pre-assessment questionnaire will take around 20 minutes to complete and the assessment itself will take around 45 minutes.


It is not possible to take the assessment on a mobile phone or tablet, so please ensure you have access to a computer. If you do not your results could be invalidated.

Elderly Couple Contract

Who are you? is run by Dr Vikki Hunkin, a highly experienced Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist with a decade of experience in the NHS and a private practice in the southwest of England. She is one of a small number of practitioners who has achieved the QiCN, seen as the gold standard of post-doctoral qualification in this area. You can read more about her here.

Is a substitute for seeing a doctor?

We are doctors - so, as you would expect, we are going to say no! Our service can be very useful in helping your usual doctor manage a condition and track changes over time. As NHS outpatient services become more difficult to access, is a quick way to access expert neuropsychological reports and advice which might otherwise take a long time to receive.

Are there restrictions on who can use the service?

Yes there are. We only provide assessments for people between the age of 16 and 89 - and you must be resident in the UK too. In addition to that, our reports can not be used as part of legal proceedings. They are intended to be used by you and medical professionals to help maintain, protect or restore your cognitive health. 

You must be able to use a laptop or desktop computer and clearly see what is happening on screen.

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