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Dementia Test

Spotting the early signs of dementia sooner

Having problems with your memory is a natural sign of getting older. But sometimes it can mean more - especially if you notice your reasoning and communication skills are not as good as they once were.

When that happens it can feel worrying - and getting definite answers is not necessarily straightforward. 

Seeing a clinical neuropsychologist through the NHS is becoming more difficult, which is why we now offer internationally recognised online cognitive assessments for you to take at home.

Because of the cognitive decline that people with dementia experience it is important to be assessed as soon as possible. This gives you a baseline result which can be used by your own health professionals.

Our dementia tests are conducted by a highly qualified Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist who has many years experience of working with patients dealing with conditions such as Alzheimer's. The tests are undertaken at home, without the worry of having to travel to a hospital or health centre.

Our dementia tests can help you discover which elements of your thinking are slower and where you may need extra support and help, offering you a first step in understanding what is happening.

They measure your abilities now and compare them against what would be expected in a person of your age and background - and offer recommendations on coping strategies for you and your family. They also provide expert results and opinion that your GP, memory clinic or specialist will be able to rely on.

Many people with a higher risk of dementia are keen to get a baseline dementia test, so that help and support can be put in place sooner should they also develop the condition. We can help produce these assessments when they may not be eligible through the NHS.

Our assessments are not a diagnosis and are not a substitute for seeing a dementia specialist, however they can tell you whether there are any areas of concern and provide data for health professionals to help make a diagnosis. They can also provide answers over potential areas of concern quickly instead of having to wait months to be seen.

Book your assessment now and start getting answers...

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