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Covid 19

Long Covid

Helping you make your way through the fog...

With some studies now showing around 20% of Covid patients reporting cognitive impairment, there is still a lot we do not know about the impact of the virus on our brains.

People living with the long-term effects of this virus report brain fog, difficulties concentrating, headaches and controlling emotions, amongst other issues. Indeed, some specialists are comparing the impact of Covid to post-concussion syndrome.

Neuroconsult can help you discover which elements of your thinking are slower and where you may need extra support and help.

Our long covid tests can measure your abilities now and compare them against what would be expected in a person of your age and background - and offer recommendations on coping strategies to help get you through while more research is undertaken.

Getting a baseline long covid test now will also mean that you are able to track your recovery or be able to see swiftly whether there is an ongoing decline in your abilities and get help from your GP or specialist more quickly. ​

Please note that, on their own, our long covid tests can not give you a diagnosis. However, they are internationally recognised tests and will help you understand your condition, as well as providing evidence to GPs and specialists of a neuropsychologist having assessed you and made recommendations.

Book your assessment now and start getting answers...

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