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Sometimes the scariest thing can be not knowing or understanding what is happening to you.

After an accident or a diagnosis things that seemed so simple suddenly become more difficult. The good news is that your brain will still be able to function in all kinds of ways. The first step is to find out exactly which areas of thinking you may find tricky - and which have been left unscathed. 

Usually you would be referred to a clinical neuropsychologist, to get you the answers that you need. Unfortunately, waiting lists can be long and some NHS Trusts are no longer offering outpatient appointments.

We offer clinically approved, online testing which is individually interpreted by a highly qualified Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist from the UK, with experience in both the NHS and private practice. It happens quickly and confidentially online, meaning you don't have to wait to be referred and you don't have the stress of traveling to a hospital. 

If you are worried about your own abilities or are trying to make sense of something that has happened to a loved one, we can help. Your personalised report will assess your memory, concentration and other cognitive skills, giving advice on how to deal with any changes. Get your online assessment started here or find out more about what we can offer.


If you have a medical emergency, do not use this service. Seek urgent medical attention in the usual way.

Quick, confidential, online reports by a UK consultant neuropsychologist
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What you can expect...

Speedy online assessment

Undertaken in the comfort of your own home using internationally recognised tests that you can pass to your GP or specialist

Individually interpreted results

Undertaken by a highly qualified UK Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist,  who will review your testing score against your individual circumstances to draw personalised conclusions

A straightforward report

Explaining your results in plain English and recommending your next steps, alongside a complete breakdown of your assessment scores

Optional follow up consultation

A one-to-one online video appointment with your Consultant Neuropsychologist to answer any question you might have

Start your online assessment now...


1 in 14

over 65s has dementia


956 people a day

are admitted to hospital with some sort of brain injury


1 million

people will have dementia by 2025


10% increase

in strokes in the UK in ten years


1 in 20

cases of Alzheimer's affects someone age 40-65



of head injuries are moderate or severe

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